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LeatherMoon was formerly an online replica Chanel shop which was owned and operated by sellers of illegal products. The outlet was discovered to be selling replica Chanel items which were in violation of many laws. In a resulting lawsuit, the Court findings included that the outlet store had indeed been selling replica Chanel products. In consequence, the Court ordered that this web domain be removed from the ownership and control of the former replica outlet operators.

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The notion that a replica Chanel watch could look and function like an authentic is a fallacy. A replica does not have what it takes to be a replacement for a bona fide, actual original. A fake often severely lacks the look and feel the precision original, amiss in many respects.

What makes a genuine CHANEL watch worth every penny does not lie solely in its being an exquisite object of beauty. A genuine is accompanied by a world of amazement, admiration, and wonder. Just imagine the creative energy of its designers, artists, and engineers who pushed the limits of magnificence. Imagine the immense knowledge and experience of its creators. Imagine the skilled hands of the craftsman that are unmatched in their exacting finesse. The incredible amount of talent that goes in the making of a genuine CHANEL piece can not be replicated.


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A low discount or outlet online store price for replica watches, also known as knockoffs, fakes, imitations, counterfeits or copies, is certain proof that the products will likely be of low quality, and be worth much less than its price tag. Products manufactured for a few dollars might be seen with an asking price of $100-300 or more. As the saying goes, if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

It is the absolute truth that a replica watch can never capture the satisfaction and elation that a genuine will. It's best to choose not to be cheated and choose to be amazed, and buy only authentic CHANEL timepieces.

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